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Karry Mullis
Nobel price chemistry

Peter Duesberg
University Berkeley

Walter Gilbert
Walter Gilbert
Nobel price quemistry



Lies official Websites publish

(E.g. the article “HIV Causes AIDS -- And Knowing It Could Save Your Life” at: http://www.sfaf.org/aboutsfaf/outreach/index.html?june00/hiv_causes_aids.html~frontpage)


First lie: there is “overwhelming scientific evidence that HIV causes AIDS”.

It’s quite the converse. There is overwhelming scientific evidence, that HIV does not cause AIDS. In 20 years it was not possible to isolate HIV. HIV is the only virus which has never been completely isolated. Therefore there’s great evidence that this virus doesn’t even exist (The HIV Elisa test does not search for HIV but for a protein which some scientists believe to be similar to HIV). Although on no other Virus has been done more research still the mechanism of how supposingly HIV causes T-cell
depletion is not known.

The biggest lie however: “HIV is found in all people with AIDS “ and "AIDS is not found in people who do not have HIV”

Wrong! Only half of the people diagnosed by symptoms until 1984 were tested positive when the test was inaugurated in 1984. On the other hand there are many that are HIV negative but do have got AIDS (T4/T8 ratio of 0,5). I personally know some. But their disease is not considered as AIDS since they are not HIV positive. This way of course today everyone with AIDS is HIV positive - all others are not to considered as AIDS patients.

Third lie (or better misinterpretation): “The higher the amount of HIV in the body, the lower the CD4 cell count will be”.

The fact should to be interpreted the other way around. Because of T-cell depletion and therefore weak immune system there will be found high amounts of HIV (so as any other virus or bacteria or fungus).

Fourth lie: The Koch’s postulates are fulfilled.

They are NOT! That is just another lie (or lack of research). HIV has never been isolated and HIV is not found in every person with AIDS (according to some studies only  50% of all patients with AIDS are HIV-positive). So Koch’s first postulate is not fulfilled. This points out, among others, Walter Gilbert, rewarded with the Nobel price for chemistry.


The Websites linked to on the right hand provide all of the facts I mentioned above. For more detailed information I recommend to visit those sites.


In my point of view the problem is, that the AIDS dissidents like Duesberg, Mullis, Gilbert & Co (the latter two ones have been rewarded with the Nobel price but no scientist rewarded with Nobel price supports the HIV-AIDS theory) don’t know either the cause of AIDS. They show meticulously that HIV can hardly be the cause of AIDS but don’t provide a convincing explanation of what causes AIDS either.

I found that very likely AIDS might be caused be the Cytomegalovirus. 92-100% of all AIDS patients (not HIV positive but with AIDS) are tested CMV-Antibody positive. This is demonstrated by various studies. Because of the fact that a 100%-correlation can hardly be causality and might only be interpreted the way that CMV-infection is the cause of AIDS. And: it is known that a CMV-infection can produce the same inversion of the T4/T8 ratio as it is known in AIDS patients.

The fact that many people are CMV-Antibody positive without developing AIDS does not impede that CMV might cause AIDS. Using the same argumentation the mycobacterium tuberculosis would not cause tuberculosis either.  30% of world population is infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis but still does not develop the illness. As to develop tuberculosis the immune system has to be already weakened by the time of the first contact to the bacteria. To develop a chronic CMV-infection the immune system probably also has to be weakened as it is the way with tuberculosis. This might happen through malnutrition or illicit drug abuse or those drugs which are used among gays to increase libido or those drugs (factor VIII and IX) which use haemophiliacs. This explains the higher AIDS rates among those risk groups.

The idea that CMV causes AIDS is an invention of mine. That HIV does cause AIDS however is doubted independently by renowned scientists, two of them rewarded with the Nobel price. Those arguments the mentioned website and other official AIDS websites use to prove that HIV causes AIDS however are simply wrong.

Dr. Elias Cajarín